About Us

Le Chien Gourmet is a holistic dog food line that works with ingredients that are provided solely by the local community in Florida. We create all of our products by hand with fresh local produce. From our local fish to our coconuts that we hand-pick.


Our mission statement is to provide the highest quality products for our pets with no additives and no preservatives. 


My journey started many years ago when I adopted my best friend from the Humane society, Knuffel. I wasn't as educated about the manufacturing and ingredients that were included in the daily dog food. As I started doing my research and consulted with our holistic veterinarian I shortly started to realize the harm this can bring to our dogs. From that point on I decided that I will no longer feed my dog any store-bought dog food or dog treats.  I started meal prepping for my dog and there the concept of creating healthy homemade holistic treats was born. 



We believe in farm-to-bowl!